Tritton 720+ Review

Tritton 720+ Review
Brand Tritton
Platforms Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PC
Connectivity Wired
Sound 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound
More Info: Tritton's Website
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We are completely overwhelmed with the amount of gaming headsets out there in the market. From cheap quality to the best premium quality headsets, we’ve seen them all and we’re going to test them all. This site is dedicated to providing you with honest and to the point reviews of all the gaming headsets, from budget-friendly to the most expensive ones. Today we’re going to perform our daily ritual of testing a gaming headset to its limits. This time we’ve got the all new and shiny, Tritton 720+ headphones to review. Don’t just lose yourself to the awesome looks of the headphones, keep on reading to find out if the looks match the functions.

Sound Quality

The Tritton 720+ uses the 50mm Neodymium drivers, which are the best and the highest quality of drivers available to be used in commercial headsets. This is not just an advertisement or marketing gimmick but actually, the real truth. The 720+ really sound that awesome. The sound quality is right there on top with other high quality headphones like the Astro A50, etc. Just flip between different Equalizer modes to add extra depth to the in-game sound and you’ll feel a very big difference in the richness of the audio. With the right touch of bass, the sound is even more clearer and fuller than ever. You won’t be able to manually set the levels of Equalizers but that’s actually a good thing because this way you won’t be able to mess up the pristine sound output.

The Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound is a status symbol on most premium headphones but it really works wonders for the Tritton 720+. The Virtual surround sound provides a great experience of directional audio. With these headphones I was able to hear even the most minute of sounds in games that I’ve been playing for so long.

In online games, these headphones can give you an advantage over the opponent with true directional audio and crystal clear sound quality. We were able to point to the exact location of the gun fight just with these headphones on. There was no audio leak and no outside noise was interfering with our gameplay.

When chatting on Skype we noticed a minor buzzing in the left ear cup but that might be something interfering with the signal or just a fault in our headphone. The sound quality was still top notch and crystal clear. The microphone worked even better, the noise cancellation makes sure that only your voice reaches the other side filtering out any unwanted sounds and background noise. This noise cancellation feature comes in really handy in online games where you have to talk all the time with your team-mates. It’s a must to have a crystal clear voice reach your friends.


The Tritton 720+ carry the legendary double T logo on both ear cups and are actually finished with a good looking white gloss that makes the headphones look a bit lighter than other black headphones. The white finish gives the headphones a unique and trendy look, which most gamers want in their headsets. The design of the headset is completely unique and nothing you’d likely see on different gaming headsets from other brands.

The ear cups are square shaped instead of the regular circular shape, the headband is much thicker and wider giving the headphones a much sturdier look and feel. If you’re looking for comfort then the Tritton 720+ is really comfortable to wear even for longer periods of time. The ear cups are pretty large completely covering the ear and locking in all the sound while filtering outside noise.


First of all, the best thing about the Tritton 720+ and many other premium headsets is the fact that these are compatible with multiple platforms, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PC, etc. You will find all the cables included in the box to attach it with any platform you want. The headset itself plugs directly into white futuristic looking decoder that sports a lot of buttons. The decoder comes with 3 preset EQ levels for gaming, movies, and music. You can’t tweak the individual levels but the presets work just fine. There’s a dial on the decoder that can be used to turn up or down the master volume which goes beyond the limited volume on the in-line audio controller of the headphones.


The best feature with the Tritton 720+ is the new SVM function which lets you easily hear your own voice in the headphones. It also makes the voice much more natural and doesn’t compress it down like many other headphones. The microphone is also detachable and just requires a slight twist to come-off easily.


All is not gold for the Tritton 720+ because we had one little problem with the headphones and that was a very minor static in the headphones when on lower volume levels. This little buzz or hum is really audible when you’re in the dashboard or in an app, but as soon as you go into a game, or put on a movie the buzz goes away. The buzz is actually masked by the in-game sounds but it’s always there. Maybe, it’s just a collateral for the Dolby Surround sound but whatever it is, it can get pretty annoying for gamers at times.

Apart from that the Tritton 720+ are definitely one of the best and one of the most premium headphones available out there. The sound quality is amazing, the comfort and the design of the headphones is excellent, and the ability to work on all platforms is just too good to miss. For a price of $149.99, the Tritton 720+ are a bargain. You won’t find any other wired headphones as good as these in similar price range. These have to be the top wired headphones in this price range. Don’t just take our word for it, instead you can try it for yourself and see how good these headphones actually are in the gaming world. Mad Catz knows gaming gear and the 720+ is a proof of their legacy.



Tritton 720+ Review


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