What Is the Best Gaming Headset for Xbox 360?

best xbox 360 headsetsI could spend countless hours talking to you about the benefits of using a good gaming headset. I assume you already know one or two, as you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

Before we go straight into talking about which Xbox 360 headset is best, it’s important to know the advantages to using a gaming headset. The two key ones are positional audio, and immersive sound.

Positional Audio

The best Xbox headset has the ability to zone in on the direction of in-game sound. So for instance, if you’re aiming down site in your favourite FPS, and you hear footsteps approaching, you’ll be able to surprise your enemy and turn on them in a moments notice. If you didn’t have a surround sound setup then there’s a good chance you’d be swimming with the fishes before you knew what hit you! The best gaming headsets give you the ability to hear which direction the sounds are originating from and sometimes depending on the quality of the sound, you can even judge roughly how far the sounds are away from you too!

Immersive Experience

Gaming headsets draw you into the game, enhancing your experience and increasing the audible clues that have been thrown into the game by the developers. The best gaming headsets cut off background noise too, so if you’re really trying to sound-whore in your game, you don’t want the sound of the phone ringing to distract you, nor do you want to hear your parent/partner shouting at you to get it! Not only are you cutting out sounds from around the house disturbing your gaming, you’ll be saving your neighbors or family from the annoyance of an in-game bomb going off vibrating the whole house!

Xbox 360 Headset Reviews

Okay that’s enough of why you should buy a gaming headset for your Xbox, now let’s get to the actual headsets shall we? I’ll pick 3 xbox headsets that I’ve personally tried and tested, each the best in their price range. Price ranges I’ve divided the headsets in to are:

  • Under $100
  • $100-$200
  • $200+


Best Xbox 360 Headset Under $100 – Turtle Beach Ear Force X12

turtle beach x12 headsetRRP for the X12 Headset is $59.99, however it’s available in the majority of places online for less than $50! For such a low cost you’d expect it to be relatively poor in quality, but that’s in no way true with this headset. I was actually surprised at the crispness of the sound, and the construction is also better than expected for a headset in this price range. Here are a few other benefits that I found that make the X12 one of the best most affordable Xbox 360 headsets:

  • As mentioned – the sound from the headset is surprisingly clear and crisp.
  • The three frequency groups work well together, with plenty of space between bass, middle and treble.
  • The bass boost function allows you to separately control how much bass you want from your sound.
  • The x12 has amplified stereo sound, so it’s not the best choice for the more competitive of gamers however, the amplified stereo sound does open up the gaming environment making it seem larger. A perfect choice for those who play MMO games or those who play casually.
  • Although Turtle Beach don’t boast that the X12’s have directional audio, I was pleasantly surprised when I started playing. Although they’re not surround sound, you can still work out roughly where footsteps are coming from, it was also easy to judge relative distance to gunfire and explosions too.
  • As you’d expect from a headset in this price bracket, it’s not wireless. However at 16ft, the cable provided is long enough to sit anywhere you want in the room.
  • Comfort is a big part in gaming for me as some sessions can last up to 5-6 hours on good days! The X12’s perform well here, in one session I wore them for 3 hours and I didn’t feel any significant fatigue on the ears or around the head. Although I can feel the joints under the headband, I never felt them when they were on my head.

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Best Xbox 360 Headset Between $100 & $200 – Tritton 720+

tritton 720+ headsetIn the mid price range ($140-$170) you can’t go wrong with the Tritton 720+, an upgrade on the previous Tritton ax 720’s. The Tritton 720+ headset comes with virtual 7.1 surround sound, which IMO is the better choice overall for the majority of gamers than true 5.1 surround sound, although both have their benefits.

In the previous Tritton AX 720 the speaker in each earcup was 40mm, in the 720+ Tritton have included 50mm speakers. This in my opinion gives the 720+ headset the slight edge over the slightly more expensive Tritton Pro+ model too.

The bigger 50mm drivers provide a much more powerful all round sound, whilst still keeping the mid tones crisp, clear and distortion free.

As well as the exceptional sound performance from the 720+, the defined style from Tritton headsets is always a big decider for me. The strong angular design and the strong white gloss finish make the Tritton 720+ one of the most stunning headsets on the market right now!

Did I mentioned it’s also compatible with PC, PS3 and PS4?

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Best Xbox 360 Headset Above $200 – Astro Gaming A50

astro gaming a50The Astro name has become synonymous with serious gamers as the headset brand of choice, and the Astro A50 is continuously voted the very best of Astro’s offerings. Boasting the highest quality pinpoint virtual 7.1 surround sound, and KleerNet‘s strongest wireless 5.8GHz signal, the Astro A50 provides superb sound, like you would find in the highest quality sounding headphones for the audiophile. The hardcore gamer or the audiophile would be astounded by the crispness and clarity of this bad boy. It truly is the best wireless Xbox 360 headset!

It’s very sleek looking design with cool slate and orange finish, looks like it could take a direct RPG and come out laughing whilst still maintaining the highest quality audio.

Even though it looks as though could take a battering, the headset is supremely comfortable, with absolutely no discomfort after my longest session of gaming (5 hours).

If you have the money to spend and you are serious about getting the very best out of your gaming experience, then the Astro A50 is the headset you should be going with.

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