What is the Best Gaming Headset for PS3?

Whether you’re looking for a competitive advantage or a more expansive gaming environment, choosing a gaming headset can be a difficult proposition. Do you want wireless/wired, surround sound/stereo, then there’s the matter of comfort and the quality of the sound to consider. That’s where this article comes in.

We have looked at some of the best PS3 headsets, and we’ve put them in to one of the following three price categories:

  • Less than $100
  • $100-$200
  • $200+

The three ps3 headsets that we have personally reviewed below are the best in each price category.


Best PS3 Gaming Headset Below $100 – Turtle Beach X12 ($59.99)

turtle beach x12 headsetThe Ear Force x12 from Turtle Beach is one of the very best headsets under $100, period! We also recommend it in our best Xbox 360 gaming headsets article.

Turtle Beach have gotten an unfair rep for producing cheaply built headsets over the last few years, however, from the headsets that we’ve tested out, this couldn’t be further form the truth. They have a lot of different headset models available, so there may well be poor ones, but that definitely isn’t the case with the X12.

The sound is surprisingly clear, and the build quality is up there with some $200+ headsets. Here’s a few reasons why we think the x12 is the best ps3 headset under $100:

  • As stated – the sound is very clear and crisp for a headset in this price bracket.
  • There’s a very good balance between the treble, bass, and middle.
  • The headset has a separate bass function allowing you to control how much bass you want from your sound. When the bass is turned high the treble and middle still respond well with no significant distortion.
  • The X12 has stereo sound, so for the more competitive gamer it’s probably not the best choice. However, if you want to simply enjoy gaming in piece or take advantage of the in-game sound, then the amplified stereo sound is perfect. Gaming environments will seem larger and you’ll hear all the small sounds that the game intends.
  • The amplifies stereo sound also does a good job of reproducing surround sound. Although it’s nowhere near the more expensive headsets, it’s definitely respectable considering the price. If you play FPS’s then you’ll be able to roughly work out which direction footsteps are coming from and the relative distance of gunfire.
  • Considering the price, the X12 obviously isn’t wireless but that’s not a big deal as the cable provided is 16ft long, which shouldn’t cause any issues positioning yourself anywhere in the room.
  • The headset is very light, which is common among wired headsets as there’s no need for batteries in the headset. Gaming sessions of up to 6 hours haven’t produced any ear/head discomfort. You can feel the joints underneath the headband sure, but this doesn’t give any discomfort whilst on the head.

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Best PS3 Headset Between $100-$200 – Tritton 720+ ($159.99)

tritton 720+ headsetComing in at the middle of the pack is the 720+ headset from Tritton. Previous model to this was the AX 720, however the 720+ is a slight upgrade to that. The 720+ comes with slightly better 7.1 surround sound than previous models with larger 50mm drivers,  and it’s also had an upgrade in design adding the glossy white finish.

Tritton also have the Pro+ headset too, which is slightly more expensive and has 8 drivers in each earcup compared to the 2 in each with the 720+. This can come down to personal preference but we believe that virtual 7.1 surround sound from the 720+ is actually better than the surround sound produced by the Tritton Pro+.

The larger 50mm drivers in the Tritton 720+ provide a much heavier bass sound, whilst still maintaining clarity. The design of the 720+ is stunning, and in our opinion it’s the most visually appealing gaming headset available today.

If you want to be able to use your headset for music and movies, as well as competitive gaming with superior sound quality, then the 720+ is a very good choice indeed.

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Best PS3 Gaming Headset over $200 – Astro A50 ($299)

astro gaming a50Synonymous with serious gamers, the Astro Gaming brand is the go to for high quality gaming headsets that provide the very best in sound and design. Coming in at a hefty $299 though, it’s safe to say it’s not in the majority of people’s budgets. However, if you do have the budget then we strongly advise you to purchase the Astro A50 over any other headset in its price range.

The A50 boasts powerful surround sound with a big range and pinpoint accuracy. The clarity in which you can hear the opposing team, or something as minuet as a fly is astounding. The 7.1 virtual surround sound is certainly the best we’ve heard from the headsets we’ve reviewed.

The headset also comes with KleerNet’s strongest 5.8GHz wireless signal that provides the headset with continual up to the millisecond sound! Without doubt, it’s the best wireless headset for PS3.

As well as performing brilliantly as a gaming headset, the A50 also comes up trumps when used as a vehicle for watching movies or listening to music. The audiophile would be chuffed to bits with the clarity and range of audio it can produce.

If you want to game for longer periods then the headset is surprisingly comfortable compared to other wireless headsets of its type. The longest we tested it for was 5 hours and noticed no discomfort whatsoever.

If you’re looking for the best headset for ps3 that money can buy, then you shouldn’t be looking to far, as the Astro A50 is sensible choice, the only thing that would hold us back would be the price.

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