What’s the Best Gaming Headset for PC?

Pc Gaming HeadsetIt’s 2014 and we’re blessed with how far the gaming world has come and the advancements it’s made. As far as visual effects go it’s important sure, but an often disregarded aspect of gaming is the sound! There are some real leaps forward in terms of in-game sound, and to get the very best from this you should be investing in a quality sound setup. To any respectable gamer, this means purchasing one of the best pc gaming headsets.

If you’re not aware of the advantages of having a good pc gaming headset then read on. Otherwise you can skip to some of the top pc gaming headsets below.

Why Should you Purchase a Gaming Headset?

The bullets are flying over your head, you can almost feel the draft as they pass. One of your team-mates has just been put down by a sniper hiding somewhere in the tree-line ahead, you dive for cover round the corner of an old abandoned building. Explosions are happening all around, you can hear the distant sounds of gun-fire and the roaring engines of the jet passing overhead. Suddenly, you catch footsteps coming from behind you. You turn and raise your rifle ready to fire…

If you don’t have a good gaming headset, that kill isn’t likely to happen. Instead it’s gonna be you lying down face first in the ground getting tea-bagged!

The best pc gaming headphones can make the difference between full on battlefield awareness and tunnel vision. Even if you’re not a competitive gamer great sounding audio can take your game to whole new level of immersion and enjoyment.

What’s great for us, is that gaming headsets are getting better, and in most cases more affordable than ever before. If you want to find out which ones come out on top in 2014, carry on reading!

So Come on, Tell Me the Best Already!

Okay, let’s get back to what this article is actually about – the best gaming headsets for PC gamers!

There’s a lot available, each with different features, designs, audio quality etc. So, to make things simple we’ve split them up into 3 price categories, with the best pc headset in each:

  1. Below $100 – Casual gamer
  2. $100-$200 – Casual gamer looking for an edge
  3. Above $200 – Serious gamer/audiophile

Our PC Gaming Headset Reviews

Best PC Gaming Headset Under $100 – Logitech G430 ($79.99)

logitech-g430I’ll just come right out with it, for under $100 the Logitech G430 is a very good choice for the average gamer. In layman’s terms it’s a good gaming headset at good price.

Let me explain…

The sound is very clear, and the bass is nice and high without starving any of the other frequencies. It’s actually surprising how much bass the 40 mm drivers in each can put out. Usually the bigger the drivers the bigger the bass! Out of the box the bass can be too powerful for some, but that shouldn’t matter as the headset comes with customization software so you can alter the preset frequencies and get them on a level that’s right for you.

The surround sound is of a good standard. The in-game landscape seems large and you can hear all the little sounds you’re supposed to hear and where they’re originating from.

Note: You’ll need to install the software provided in order to get the 7.1 surround sound.


Best PC Gaming Headset Between $100/$200 – Logitech G930 ($159.99)

Logitech-g930-headsetEven though it was released in 2010, the G930 is still one of the top pc gaming headsets available today. If you’re looking for the best wireless headset for pc at an affordable price, then there’s no doubt this is a very respectable choice.

Although its sound quality isn’t quite at the level of the high-end gaming headsets, it’s still at a very good standard and you get up to 7.1 surround sound. It’s 40 foot range is particularly appealing, and it’s one of the more sturdy better put together headsets in this price bracket.


Best PC Gaming Headset Above $200 – Astro A50 ($299.99)

astro gaming a50Once and a while something comes along and it just seems right. You say to yourself, “Yep, that’s how it is, and that’s exactly how it should be.” Astro’s A50 gaming headset has been a leader amongst gaming headsets for a while now and it doesn’t show signs of letting up.

The sound couldn’t be clearer, and its attempts at surround sound is one of the best available. The balance between the bass, the treble, and middle are sublime.

They’re also unbelievably comfy and light which is rather surprising given they’re wireless.

If you have the budget and you want take your gaming and audio experience to the next level and beyond, then you can’t really get any better than the A50. As well as being the best wireless pc headset, it’s also compatible with Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4. Enough said!

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