Best Gaming Headsets Under $100

Gaming headsets can be crazy expensive, although in most cases they are worth it! However, you’re not here to blow $200+ are you? You’re looking for the best cheap gaming headset on the market. And believe me, there are some real bargains to be had.

If you’re a casual gamer on a budget looking for a better gaming experience and an increase in gaming performance, then you simply have to buy a gaming headset. They’re not all created equal though of course, so let me share some of what I believe are the best cheap gaming headphones on the market.


What’s the Best Gaming Headset for the Money?

Coming in at under $100, these headsets provide great sound without damaging your weekend fund!


Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset ($49.99)

creative-fatal1tyStarting with the cheapest of the lot, below $50! It’s without doubt the very best headset for under $50 available anywhere.

The Creative Fatal1ty gaming headset features a detachable boom mic and in-link volume controls. For such an affordable gaming headset the sound is pretty good. Even without a good surround sound capable sound card the sounds are expansive, giving you a rough idea of distance and direction in-game. It’s definitely not a game changer in terms of giving you a big advantage over competition, but it does provide you with a good bit of bass without distorting any other in-game sounds.

The detachable mic has noise cancelling, so it cuts out any unwanted background noise when you’re trying to communicate with team-mates. It’s lightweight as you would expect for the price, and it’s relatively comfortable to use. For longer periods it can fatigue the ears slightly from my experience, and it’s a rather tight fit round the head. I’ve been told I do have a larger than average head though so there you go.

If you’re using on a PC which is what I recommend them for, then you would need a decent sound card in addition to these.

Compatible with: PC, Mac, PS4 (audio only without adapter), Wii U


Tritton Kunai ($69.99)

tritton kunaiThe Tritton Kunai is similar in features to the Creative Fatal1ty headset, however it’s $20 more expensive. What is it that you get for the extra $20 you ask? Well for one, it’s a slightly better build quality.

The earccups are memory foam with faux leather finish, and there is an extra 1.25 inches on either side of the headband to provide comfort for all head sizes. I found that it’s a lot more comfortable for longer gaming sessions.

Although the Creative Fatal1ty headset has an 8ft cable (which is adequate), if you’re gaming on a console it can get a little awkward, which is why Tritton have added a 14ft cable to the Kunai. You can also adjust the game volume and chat separately with the in-line controls, and the mic is also detachable.

Compatible with: PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 (audio only without adapter), Wii U


Turtle Beach PX22 ($79.99) – Best Budget Gaming Headset!

turtle beach px22If you’re a multi-platform gamer, consoles includes, then the PX22 from Turtle Beach is IMO the best headset for under $100 that you’ll find. It has better sound quality than both the Creative Fatal1ty and the Tritton Kunai, and it’s a more durable design too, so it can take plenty of punishment.

Compared to the other headsets’ 40mm drivers, the drivers in each ear in the PX22 are 50mm, providing a much larger range of sound. It’s earcups have a breathable mesh padding which is really comfy on the ears. Turtle beach are known for the comfy headsets they produce and this is certainly no different.

It has an in-line amplifier which allows for separate control of in-game sound and chat. In addition it has the option of a dynamic chat boost which increases the volume of your friends’ chatter when the in-game sound gets louder, so you don’t miss anything that’s said when there’s a nearby explosion.

It’s USB powered and the cable is 17ft long. The mic isn’t detachable but that isn’t an issue really as it’s really flexible and unobtrusive.

If you’re looking for THE best budget gaming headset then you’ve found it in the PX22 from Turtle Beach.

Compatible with: PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Wii U

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